Accounting students get ahead on internships

Wiley Publishing is giving accounting students who purchase their WileyPLUS homework management program the upper hand for internships.

The internship database is powered by CollegeFrog, but Wiley partnered with them and created a deal for students. Those who purchase the Kieso Intermediate Accounting textbook with WileyPLUS will receive access to internships two weeks before anyone else.

“We are trying to give students who use WileyPLUS an advantage by passing along this premium level service,” Joel Hollenbeck, executive editor for accounting, finance and economics with Wiley Publishing said.

“Students buy the textbook with WileyPLUS or get WileyPLUS separately and receive CollegeFrog access for no additional cost.”

Anyone can access the CollegeFrog database but those without WileyPLUS will be a step behind. Being able to apply for a position two weeks in advance gives the applicant more time to prepare and match their résumé with the criteria.

CollegeFrog offers over 60 internship programs just in the Chicago area alone. There are also entry level jobs for students who have already graduated. Hollenbeck said this is a way to give students different options and access to lots of positions.

“I feel like this is a great idea because it’s great to try to get as much knowledge as you can for your major and future profession,” Delane Mclurkin, sophomore accounting major, said.

“The access to the internship applications before anyone else is definitely a good benefit as well.”

Wiley Publishing recently finished sponsoring a virtual event with CollegeFrog called Meet the Firms. This is a series of webinars for students to learn about accounting firms. They also receive tips on taking the G.T.A. exam, the gateway exam into the accounting profession.

“Getting an internship is [the student’s] entry into getting a job in accounting, but a lot of students don’t know where to start looking,” Hollenbeck said.

Hollenbeck added that many large accounting firms only recruit at certain colleges creating a disadvantage for others. However, this database with exclusive access gives students those same internship opportunities.

The Kieso accounting books are the most widely used textbooks on the market. They are also available at ISU bookstores for students to purchase. If students already have the textbook with WileyPLUS then they are encouraged to start taking advantage of their two week head start.

For internship opportunities visit For more information about Meet the Firms visit

(MCT Campus Photo) Accounting students look for jobs and internships at an accounting career fair at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

(MCT Campus Photo)
Accounting students look for jobs and internships at an accounting career fair at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

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