How to Beat Anticipation

As we grow up, we all take on more responsibilities and challenges in life. As college students, we have a lot on our plate as it is. But by the time we get out in the real world, we will have taken on more responsibilities and challenges. It is all part of life. As we take on challenges, sometimes we set goals for ourselves from things we would like to achieve to things we would like to do with our lives. And usually it is not only one goal. Some of us set many goals at one time for ourselves. But sometimes setting and carrying out the plan to achieve the goal is not the hard part. Sometimes it is the anticipation of the result that can really get us worked up.

As college students, we all have a lot of things going on in our lives—classes, work, friends, family, extracurricular activities and even, if we work it right, plans for our future success. We set goals for ourselves in all those areas. In our classes, perhaps it is to get a good grade on the midterm. Maybe it is getting a summer internship to help our chances of getting a job offer once we graduate. Related to work, it might be interviewing for that promotion that you have had your eye on. We work hard to set goals and hope to achieve them. But that time you have to wait for your teacher to post your midterm grade, the time you have to wait to hear back from the recruiter or the time you have to wait to hear back about the promotion—that is the anticipation that I am talking about.

Honestly, it’s the unnecessary worrying is what drives us crazy. Working hard is good for us. It makes us stronger individuals, who at the end of the day, can face anything that stands in our way. But waiting for things to happen for us, to know the answer that we seek—that can drive us crazy. Worrying about what we cannot control can be taxing. But, remember: you cannot control it. So stop worrying about it. Bringing anxiety on yourself is not healthy. It is better to distract yourself with things that are going on. Waiting can be annoying and make it seem like it takes a lifetime. Worrying and being anxious never did anybody any good. So, trust me and just let it go. I can guarantee that everything will work out how it is supposed to in the end. Patience is key!

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