Only at the Olympics: An Aussie on the Slopes

I love when the Olympics are on television—especially the winter Olympics. Television could not be any better. So you can imagine how excited I am these days. I could watch the Olympics for hours. I am in a state of awe seeing how talented all the athletes are. What is really great about the Olympics is watching athletes from all over the world, who come together to compete in numerous events. But there is nothing like rooting for your home team…USA However, while watching the Women’s Slopestyle event one night, I realized that there is one other team I will be rooting for this winter…Team Australia!

This Women’s Slopestyle event I am talking about is a new event that just started this year. From what I could tell, it is a combination between snowboarding and skateboarding. The athletes are on a snowboard, but they attempt tricks that a skateboarder might do in the skate park. One commentator compared Slopestyle to the XGames. It was really cool and creative as far as I was concerned. It is one thing to snowboard down a hill, or through a course. But throw in tricks and stunts; that takes it to the next level. I am a fan!

Well, one of the women in the Slopestyle event was from Australia, so I was even more excited to watch. She ended up making it through the first round, along with three other Americans and some others. I was proud of both teams. But then that got me thinking. Coming from Australia, the land of beaches, the Outback and “No Worries”, how would she have time or the ability to practice her snowboarding skills? I guess you just go to New Zealand a lot. During the winter, that is the best and nearest place for Aussies to ski and snowboard.  Actually, the Aussie Slopestyle competitor trained in Salt Lake City, Utah. So I guess it does not matter where you come from. If you are presented with the right opportunities and are talented enough, you can do anything with your life, including go to the Olympics!

By the way, here are the results of the Women’s Slopestyle event. The gold went to Jamie Anderson from the United States, the silver went to Enni Rukajarvi from Finland and the bronze went to Jenny Jones from England. The Aussie I was rooting for, Torah Wright, ended up getting 7th place overall. However, Torah Wright did end up winning the silver in the Women’s Halfpipe. Go Torah and team Australia!

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