Perfect end to a not so perfect week



This week was one of those weeks where college students want to sit in a corner and cry until the week is over.  I don’t know how I survived it but I’m still here.  The week started off horrible with my car being broken, which I’m blaming on the snow.  From there on out the week went down hill.  All of my email addresses were erased from my computer so I was in a slight panic and that led to my printer being broken.  Also, I had an internship interview Thursday morning with Enterprise that I barely made it to.  This was after I cried all of Wednesday night freaking out that I wouldn’t wake up; and what do you know, I didn’t.  Thankfully, I made it to the interview on time and got a second one to follow in a couple weeks.  But that didn’t make up for the awful speech I had to give in class earlier in the week that I am totally embarrassed about.  In addition, a professor decided to throw in a “surprise” test for early next week that I’m freaking out about.  So… to get to that perfect ending, Saturday nights win against Bradley was the best way to end the weekend.  My dad came up for the weekend to rescue my broken car and replace with a different one.  He also offered me a hug, which was just what I needed.  Then the Redbirds won an exciting game over Bradley.  The fans were great.  My stunts were great.  And the game was great.

All in all, I made it through this week.  Some things just weren’t going my way.  I’ve been having a good streak lately so something bad was bound to happen.  But, this game was just what I needed to start the next week off right.  Hopefully, my luck will turn around and everything will go smoothly again!

And, by the way, I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my sweetie :)

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