Perks of working a campus job while attending school

Many students are not only at ISU to learn but to work as well. ISU offers jobs across many disciplines on campus.

For junior business major Nicole Simi, working for ISU has been a positive experience.

Simi started her first job through ISU at the beginning of this year and is working for the College of Business. This gives Simi a chance to gain experience in her major outside of the classroom.

“I would have to say the most amazing part about the job is the opportunity to meet the distinguished faculty and get to know them on a personal level,” Simi said.

Submitted Photo Junior business major Nicole Simi believes all students should gain professional experience while in college.

Submitted Photo
Junior business major Nicole Simi believes all students should gain professional experience while in college.

Simi works in the Deans Office of the College of Business as an office assistant. Her job includes getting mail, booking room reservations, completing tasks around the office, helping staff prepare for classes and answering phones. If there is work to be done, Simi said she is ready to be put to the task.

One of the perks of her job is the convenience factor. After class, Simi is able to go to work in the same building. She does not need to trek across campus or worry about making it to work on time.

“All of my classes are in the College of Business so right after class I just take the elevator up and go to work. The tasks that I have to complete require interpersonal skills as well as organizational management, which I consider strong points for myself,” Simi said.

Another benefit to the job is the flexible hours. Like most jobs through the University, the hours are based on your availability and work around your class schedule.

As your availability changes each semester, university jobs are willing to work with you.

Since she is balancing a busy class schedule, she is only working eight hours a week at this job. This keeps a good balance for work and class.

Simi thinks it is important to have a job in college if you have the opportunity.

“I absolutely think it is important to work through your college career because it teaches you valuable lessons for life that you can’t learn in a classroom, such as the value of a hard-earned dollar, time management and the need to make sacrifices from social or relaxation time,” Simi said.

Simi has found that having a job relating to her major has been beneficial. She also had a few tips for students who are searching for a job.

“Check for job availability constantly and apply for positions that you aren’t necessarily qualified for. While you may not be suitable for one position, a hiring manager can pass your name along for a position that does fit your skills.”

“Another suggestion is to not be picky with what you’re applying for. A job is a job — it’s not like you’re going to make this your lifetime career,” Simi said.

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