Is There Bad Music?


I was having a discussion with a friend earlier this week about what falls under the category of “good music,” and what should get tossed into the garbage category of “bad music.” As I do with most discussions, I wanted to see its full scale, so I decided to play devil’s advocate just to get his response.

It’s no secret that when the older generations look down upon our current musical artist choices they can’t help but shake their head in shame.  It’s rather easy to discredit the majority of famous music stars currently soaking up the spotlight and claim their fame being due to an industrialized music industry based on simple lyrics with catchy beats.  I thought I was supposed to be playing devil’s advocate?


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My friend made valid points of how much of today’s musical “classics” are made up a majority of pop songs all containing the same underlying messages of teenage infatuation and heartbreak.  For the most part I would have to agree with this.  Essentially they tell the same story with a different melody and the radios replay it until the chorus line is ingrained into the fabrics of our being.  Has our standards for music gone down? My friend seems to think so and this led him to claim that the majority of new mainstream music is “bad music.”


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I could see the point he was making but I guess it comes down to how I personally define good music.  I judge music based on the emotional response it can bring to an individual.  Obviously music preference is a completely biased area so I tried to look at it with an open mind.  With that being said, the newest One Direction songs may not resonate with my liking but I think it would be wrong to classify it as being bad music.  Let’s be honest, for millions of teenage girls this band connects on an extremely intimate level and in some cases, or perhaps in many, can bring these girls to the point of tears.  That type of powerful response shouldn’t be ignored and led me to not judge it as bad music.

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If music can connect with someone on a personal level in a way that grants them some sort emotional understanding, I see no reason to judge it as bad music.  All music is good in its own unique way!

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