Zimmerman now considered a celebrity?


It’s not always clear what will become of a figure like George Zimmerman, a man who became the center of a huge legal case that had the attention of the entire country. With the verdict being one that had millions in outrage, one would assume that Zimmerman would be the last person anyone would want to hear about again. Yet, as we have seen with other such figures in high profile trials (O.J. Simpson), that is rarely ever the case.

Indeed, Zimmerman has had quite the time attempting to return to normalcy following his acquittal, and his name has dominated everything from tabloids to CNN because of it.

It started off somewhat innocently with him receiving a speeding ticket, which never should have been news in the first place. Then there was the report that he threatened his then wife with a gun. Then there was the divorce presumably because of the incident. Shortly after came a report that he threatened his new girlfriend with a shotgun. And then came the news of a celebrity boxing match featuring himself versus rapper DMX. All of this, cumulating with a primetime interview on CNN.

It is unclear whether or not Zimmerman is trying to garner this attention through his actions, or if the media is simply hyping it up. Regardless, giving him “celebrity like” attention is unacceptable, no matter if one believes he is innocent or guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

While recently it has been ambiguous whether the event will still take place, the “celebrity” boxing match for one was an incredibly sick idea. While Zimmerman has recently said that his original intent was to participate in the event “for charity” details regarding this have been scarce. Despite any good intentions, it was still a terrible idea. To put on an event that would capitalize on the notoriety of Zimmerman is completely wrong, and Zimmerman should have realized the backlash he would likely receive once the match was introduced.

Based on his recent actions, it seems that Zimmerman has no idea how to stay out of headlines, though the news outlets are almost more to blame for this than him. The recent CNN interview is a great example of this. There was little to gain from the interview other than to once again stir emotions.

We will never know conclusively what happened that night, and most will never change their opinions of Zimmerman. He will likely never change his story, making anything he says irrelevant in many eyes. All it will do is continue to aggravate the intense hatred he already receives.

The best thing for everyone, including Zimmerman, is to keep him out of the news altogether. Whether it is his intention or not, the celebrity status he is being given represents a new low in the media. It is likely that his recent behavior is for attention and sympathy, constantly making him a spectacle is only giving him what he wants.


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  1. UnintendedConsequences

    The only reason that George Zimmerman has celebrity status today is the rabid & racist campaign which has been directed at him.

    One comment summed this up pretty well, black McCarthyism.

  2. Bonnie

    You got that right that he will never change his story. Why would he ?
    Obviously Trayvon can’t talk and tell his side of the story. If he could I believe he would tell us softie AKA George Zimmrman reached for his GUN and not his phone like he said . Why ? Because this is a “man” who said more than once he was afraid of Trayvon, so when he comes face to face with him he is going to reach for his phone ? No! That makes no sense.


    When he said he felt Trayvon was reaching for his gun when they were fighting he said he had FORGOT his gun ? HA! The guy leaves his truck believing a criminal is in his neighborhood and he “forgets” his gun ? That is just unbelievable !

    The 6 women jurors failed to ask questions that would have led to the conclusion that Zimmerman was simply not credible and there was reasonable doubt about his self defense claim.

    They had an obligation to do so since the VICTIM was not alive to tell his side of the story.

    Zimmerman is a liar and a murderer.


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