10 Things Not To Do In A Relationship











People do crazy things when they’re in love. Let’s face it, love blinds us. Sometimes we lose track of things in life and absorb ourselves in our significant other. Just make sure you steer clear of being “That girl (or guy).”


1) Don’t be too jealous.

He has a friend that’s a girl, not another girlfriend; get over it and accept it. You have guy friends don’t you?

2) Avoid telling him what to do.

This just makes him want to do it more. Reverse psychology will be your best friend in a relationship, practice it.  

3) Don’t scream

on the phone at him until 1 a.m. You will bother other people and no one needs to hear your arguments.

4) Don’t be something you’re not.

If he has a problem with anything about you, he knows where the door is.

5) Nix the attitude.

Just be nice, if you can’t be civil he wont stick around.

6) Don’t make him pay for everything.

Unless he is a millionaire, help him out. We know you love being treated like a princess, who doesn’t, but sometimes you have to give a little something in return.

7) Don’t talk about your exes.

Talking about your exes is basically creating a comparison between your current relationship and your past relationship.  Your significant other now, doesn’t care about who was in your past, nor do they want to hear about it!

8) Don’t act like his mother.

He doesn’t need to be spoon fed ladies he is a big boy and can do it on his own. 

9) Don’t act like a child.

Men don’t want to take care of you ALL the time. You can be in a relationship and still be a strong independent woman!

10) Don’t expect things.

Expectations lead to disappointment. If you want him to do something for you, you have to ask! Men don’t think like women do. They don’t think about what others want. If you want it tell him. Beating around the bush won’t get you very far.


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