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What is it with exes and their compulsive need to confess their love for you after years of being separated? Despite their ability to remove their emotions from a situation, guys take relationships more seriously than we think. I mean, let’s face it they’re just as emotional as we are. Boys just refuse to show it. So why is it that weeks, months, years after a break up they come crawling back into our lives? I have a few theories of my own.


  1. They’re just lonely, looking for someone to fulfill their needs. Men like to feel wanted by a woman and when you don’t need them anymore they sit back and think, wait… that’s not how it was supposed to happen. So then they call you up and start talking about the past. I think this is their way of trying to make you remember all the good things and forget the bad. Like spiders, they try to catch you in their sticky web so you won’t forget about them.
  2. They actually care. This can be hard to believe. Especially when they caused the breakup. I don’t understand it but hey, maybe they realized their mistakes? A long shot for sure.
  3. A game of chess. Boys like to play games. Whether they admit it or not, they’re always looking for a challenge. Give in too easy and they are history, drag it on too long they get bored. You have to find that happy medium so he has some challenge but doesn’t work too hard for it.
  4. Boredom. Don’t flatter yourself honey he’s just looking for someone to talk to.

It is important the find the real motive behind that late night conversation with your ex. It is so easy to fall back into what it was and forget what it is. Just remember that you are stronger than you think and if you don’t want to let him back into your life you don’t have to. But, sometimes its good to know they still care or have grown up a little since the last time you dated.


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