Non-Traditionally Yours: Postmodern Digs

I was recently giving a presentation on postmodernism in one of my classes. I do not have enough time here to tell too much about it but there are some things that truly helped me look at the world in a different way. In its most basic sense, postmodernism is the revolution of institutionalization. It rejects the things that were once seen as beautiful and traditional. It becomes a new reality. I love the theory and how applicable it is to everyday life. I looked into this theory and the more I looked, the more I saw the world around me being changed.

I looked at body image and how subject we are to “reality”.  I cannot help how much it affected me. I think about one day having kids and seeing them being confused by this “reality” that the media gives us. The “reality” that then becomes reality without quotation marks. We give birth to these conceptions of what it means to look good or what reality is. I think of “Jersey Shore” and their concept of Gym, Tan, Laundry (GTL). Something that was heard by few, maybe a small circle of people, became a national phenomenon.

The phrase became insidious as well as their lifestyle.

Is that reality or is that “reality”?

Look around you. Most of what you see is a copy of a copy of a copy. Someone’s idea of what it means to be [Insert ideology here]. I put myself in this box as well. I must admit that I fall into some aspects of certain categories. It is not how I act but how I dress. Those old stereotypes that we know and loathe come into play in our postmodern world because it reaffirms those “realities” that become reality.

How do I break this circle? I sit here stumped by my own question.

The short and scary answer is: I do not know.

Maybe by infusing my own personality into what I wear and by choosing my own reality it will lessen the effect of the postmodern infection (or affliction).

Until then, maybe it is best to understand the meaning of what and why you wear, watch, do, believe, think something.

All of those postmodern digs.


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