What is Normal?










I looked up the definition for the word “normal”.  Not Normal, Ill., but the adjective used to describe what is supposed to constitute for… truth be told I’m not quite sure.  It’s a word that gets tossed around more than a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. Yes, that was a reference to the movie Hot Rod.  But what exactly does normal mean and who really fits into this category?

The first word in the definition for normal is conforming. Gross.  Conforming is simply the lack of originality.  So what does it mean when someone refers to you as normal? You abide by the societal rules.  Gross again.  If we have learned anything about human history it should be that society tends to get things wrong a lot of the time.  I don’t even feel the need to list examples; in fact, I have found that it’s best to stay a few steps ahead of what society dictates as doctrine.  All doctrines succumb to change eventually.

Being normal, in my opinion, is being dishonest to our own uniqueness.  We each have our own individual experiences that shape the way we perceive the world.  Normalcy implies that your worldview is congruent with the majority of everyone else’s.  There’s an old saying of how we have the ability to learn something new from every single body we encounter in life; that’s because none of us experience life in the exact same way. We are all unique simply by existing and I think that by placing the word “normal” on a pedestal or idealizing it as a desirable quality to possess is a doing a disservice to the infinite range of how we can express ourselves.

There is no normal. 


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