Dane Ward named new Dean of Milner

Dane Ward was announced the new Dean of Milner Library, which will be effective July 1.

“I feel great and I’m really excited about the opportunity to continue working in the library,” Ward said.

“ISU is a great community and I’m glad I can continue working with students, especially the Student Government Association.”

Ward began his career at ISU 12 years ago as an associate dean for public services. He served as interim dean for a year and a half before being promoted to the official dean of Milner Library.

“When I began working at ISU 12 years ago I was a new administrator and perhaps somewhat idealistic,” Ward said. “Over these many years, I have remained focused on the importance of building a strong community of librarians, staff, students and faculty.”

Ward said he is still idealistic and believes in his staff’s collective ability to create a world everyone wants to be in. His duties as dean include overseeing all operations at the library such as access services, cataloging, special collections and the 90 staff members. He also assists students with their research and buying course materials.

In December 2013, Ward received his PhD in higher education administration from ISU. He said the courses were beneficial and provided insight into his daily work. The concepts and ideas he learned in class were interchangeable with his work at the library.

Jennifer Sharkey, associate professor of library science and head of information use and fluency, said she is very happy with Ward’s promotion and appreciates having a familiar administrator around.

“[Ward] is very committed to bringing ideals to ISU and is concerned about student learning experiences,” Sharkey said.  “He wants the library to be the center of campus for a variety of types of learning.”

Sharkey said if a student were to randomly walk up to Ward and ask for assistance, he would help if he could. She believes he brings stability and consistency to Milner Library.

Aside from working as a dean, Ward has received recognition from the Association of College and Research Libraries and has coordinated the Information Literacy Summit.

He is on the state Council of Directors of State University Libraries in Illinois and the board of directors of the National Forum on Information Literacy. Even with all his work outside of library, Ward manages to always give back to those at Milner in any way he can.

“My favorite part of this job is the opportunity to continue working with this great community of librarians, staff, students and faculty,” Ward said.

“I enjoy the process of solving problems together and knowing that we are making a difference.”

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