MuscleBound to discuss male body, eating disorders and steroids

Radio personality and Wisconsin Native, Michael Feldman, will deliver a multimedia presentation entitled MuscleBound, on the pursuit of the perfect male body.

The performance, hosted by University Program Board (UPB), will be from 7 to 8:30 p.m. with a question and answer session from 8:30 to 9 p.m. on Thursday in the Bone Student Center’s Circus Room.

Feldman will use slideshows, show a DVD and speak on the topic of the male body during his presentation.

He will discuss the lives of three different men and their struggle to get what society sees as the perfect body.

“He discusses steroids, eating disorders, gym culture and body image according to the expectation society has created for men,” Maddy Marchini, enrichment chairperson at University Program Board, said.

This event is free and does not require any registration. Attendees should bring their student or faculty identification cards to the event.

Marchini said attendees at MuscleBound can look forward to learning about how it is not necessary to conform to the expectation of society from the personal stories that Feldman will present.

“This performance is great for men and women,” she added.

This is the first year UPB is hosting this particular event, however they are expecting around 150 participants, Marchini said.

The idea to host MuscleBound sprung from Student Counseling Services.

“Counseling approached us with their desire to bring Michael Feldman to campus and we thought this would be a great event and something completely different that UPB does not normally do,” Marchini said.

She added that students will have the opportunity to learn about society and what effects it has on the individuals living it in.

For more information on MuscleBound, contact University Program Board at (309) 438-8814 or visit their website at

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