Updates on animal control in McLean County

The McLean County Animal Control in Bloomington has undergone criticism this past year by some County Board members as well as animal rights groups.

The animal control in Bloomington has been targeted for its animal euthanasia procedures, for wanting to purchase new equipment and the hiring of more staff members.

Despite these criticisms, other animal control facilities around the county area have surveyed that the McLean Co. animal control actually has one of the lowest general animal euthanasia rates and manages to complete all tasks with a marginally smaller staff than most others.

Animal control in Bloomington has only recently switched to euthanasia methods and lethal injections from previously using the gas chamber. This was done at the urging of animal rights groups during the summer of 2013.

However, problems arose when Health Department Director Walt Howe requested that the County Board’s Finance Committee would raise animal registration fees by $2 in order to purchase new equipment and to employ another worker. This was met with some skepticism by the County Board.

As of now, animal control’s plan is under revision and will be re-addressed in early March.

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