Top 5 Shows you can’t miss on Netflix

1. “Scandal”
Olivia Pope’s team performs underground work to make scandal crises vanish. These Washington D.C. lawyers fight for stability in their personal lives while clocking endless hours as Pope’s warriors.

2. “Bates Motel’
If you’ve seen the original American thriller “Psycho,” you were probably left wondering how Norman Bates grew so crazy. Bates Motel takes viewers back in time to explain what happened before the night of Marion Crane. The show features the Bates’ family lifestyle and tragic events of a wannabe typical teen.

3. “House of Cards”
Congressman Francis Underwood has no limits when it comes to gaining power. This political thriller follows Underwood and his manipulative, beautiful and witty wife on their journey in Washington D.C.

4. “Orange Is the New Black”
Piper Chapman’s adventurous past eventually catches up with her, landing her in a New York federal prison for females. While trying to retain her sanity, Chapman and her orange jumpsuit attract a quirky group of inmates and a whole load of drama.

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

5. “Portlandia”
The sketch-based comedy features Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein and the stereotypical “hipster” community in Porland, Ore. Armisen and Brownstein take it upon themselves to explore serious issues in this virtuous and creative community, such as artisanal light bulbs, feminist bookstores and organic farming.

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