Festival of Lights and Sensuous Silks

As part of the ongoing International Seminar Series hosted by International Studies and Programs, students have the pleasure of learning about India and its culture and fashion.

The Festival of Lights and Sensuous Silks presentation will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday in the first floor west lounge of the Bone Student Center.

School of Art professor, Archana Shekara, and founder and artistic director of the Nrityamala Dance Acadamy, Guru Dr. Uma Kallakuri, will be presenting their knowledge on India’s many colorful festivals and vibrant fashion styles.

Shekara’s research focus is on cultural identity and design, while Kallakuri is an internationally known dance performer, historian and master choreographer.

The women’s presentation is sure to impress.

The International Seminar Series is ongoing, and the overarching focus for spring 2014 is the country of India.

The speaker series occurs from noon to 1 p.m. every Wednesday through April 30 in the same location as The Festival of Lights and Sensuous Silks presentation.

Other upcoming events in the series include presentations on Indian cuisine, yoga and meditation and arranged marriage among other topics related to Indian culture.

For more information on The Festival of Lights and Sensuous Silks presentation, or for more information on any presentation in the International Seminar Series, contact the Office of International Studies and Programs at (309) 438-5276 or visit their website at InternationalStudies.Ilstu.Edu.

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