RetailMeNot app helps shopaholics find deals, save on cash


With Spring Break coming up and some down time right around the corner, students will most likely be doing some last minute shopping and retail therapy.

Being a college student on a budget, I am always one to welcome shopping deals. I was recently introduced to a convenient phone app, called RetailMeNot. This app brings coupons straight to your phone while you’re out shopping.

The bright purple app is hard to miss and has become a widely popular app for anyone looking to save some cash. The app is free and adjusts to your location as you go.

The location aspect is especially useful if students will be traveling in the upcoming weeks for break and want to find deals at unfamiliar stores.

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MCT Photo

Once you have picked a location, the app finds stores that have deals or available coupons near you. There are a variety of coupon categories to choose from, such as clothes, groceries, car shops, restaurants and more. There is even a search option if you’d like to find deals for a specific store.

Another benefit I found is the way users can swipe easily through the coupons and each one clarifies if it is for online or in-store only. I especially like this because print coupons often aren’t clearly labeled. By pulling them up on my phone it makes it easy to skim when I am out and about.

Speaking of efficiency, the app allows you to organize your coupons and save them for later shopping trips. If there is a store you’d like to stay updated on, you can add it to your central page and the app will notify you when certain deals arise.

You can take pictures of the sales you see while you shop and send them in to the company as suggestions through the app. This not only helps you remember the sales, but also helps the company keep users informed.

If you do not have a smart phone, you are still in luck. offers the same benefits as the phone app. You can save coupons, add your favorite stores and print the coupons for when you are ready to go shopping. Once you personalize your account, the website will adjust to your interests and keep you updated on the deals that would benefit you the most.

If you are new to bargain shopping, the app and website provide instructions on how to best use your coupons. What really caught my eye was the specialty coupon section that breaks down coupons for Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday and deals that include free shipping.

Although I am not a major shopper, having this phone app will definitely be useful. I enjoy how easy it is to navigate, and you can find coupons efficiently. The app has shown great success so far and will be a great way for students to save some Spring Break money.

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