5 Ways To Tell If He Likes You











Guys can be down right confusing. They seem to have periods of hot and cold where signals aren’t always consistent. However, most of the time guys are pretty straightforward.

1)     He notices the little things.

If your crush notices your new highlights or the color of your nails, he obviously likes you. No man in his right mind would take inventory on what you wear or the color of you hair on a daily basis.

2)     He listens to you.

It is always a good sign if he mentions things you have previously told him. Most men don’t care that your guilty pleasure is 90’s music and eating Chinese food on the floor.

3)     Forehead Kisses.

No brainer.

4)     Introduces you to his friends

Guys take their friendships seriously and he wouldn’t take you to meet his bros if he didn’t think you were pretty special.

5) Stays off his phone.

For the most part, not using his phone around you is a major plus. This usually means he’s actually paying attention to you.


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