It’s All About Perspective










Coming from a college prep high school, the school’s main goal was to prepare all their students for the challenges they would face in college, as well as in the distant future. That means instilling values in us including dedication, organization, motivation and hard work. One way they challenged us was to encourage extracurricular involvement in all areas—academics, athletics, arts and service. Needless to say, by the time I graduated, I was a member of at least ten groups within my school and in my community. And I had friends involved in 15+ groups. Being involved in that much can teach a person a lot. It worked for me and my peers. We all gained a lot from being involved in all these different groups. Since that was ingrained in me, I figured that would be how life was always going to be. I would always have to be able to spread myself over multiple responsibilities and commitments.

It is no surprise that I try to keep myself busy and involved here at ISU. Recently I ran across a few students here at ISU who are only involved in one RSO for their major. They plan to devote all their
time to that one group, rather than being involved in multiple groups on campus. That is a different perspective than what I am used to. But at the same time, I do not think that these people are necessarily making a mistake. I respect their views and choices. I think depending on what you want in life and throughout this college experience, it is up to you to determine how and what you spend your time on.

For me, I want to be versatile. I want to be a versatile candidate in the job market once I graduate, but more importantly, I want to be a well-rounded individual. That is my choice. Some want to be masters in their field. That might work for them. I do not know who will end up on top. But if I had to guess, I am pretty sure that all of us will be fine, as long as we find multiple things, or one single thing that can hold our attention, interest and make us passionate individuals. I think we need both types of individuals in the world, those who are multi-faceted and those who are experts in one area. As long as we are dedicated and motivated, all of us will be successful.

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