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A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to go skiing at Devil’s Head with a group of family and friends. This trip was a little more meaningful since the Olympics were going on at the time, I felt like a little Olympian on the slopes. This was the second time I had been skiing. By the end of my first trip, I still did not know how to slow down and stop. I was fearful of leaving the bunny hill. A big goal of mine was to learn how to stop successfully while skiing without wiping out. Last year, I left the slopes with sore hips from wiping out so much. Learning how to stop was essential.

This time I enrolled in a group lesson with skiers of all ages. The instructors taught at a slow pace, to the point where I wanted to ditch. But nonetheless, I learned how to slow down and stop while skiing. Goal accomplished! I will take my Olympic Gold medal now!

Next on the agenda was learning to turn. I did not quite get that down. So there is something to motivate me on my next trip. Not having the opportunity to ski on a regular basis makes the process of learning a slow one, but I will get the hang of it sooner or later.  Someday I might be the skiing master of the double black diamonds, maybe. I will say that after my first trip skiing I was skeptical if skiing was the sport for me, but now I love it. I am very motivated to go skiing again. It may be a new hobby of mine.


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