LeBron’s career night

By: Brandon Hillary

The Heat hosted the Bobcats in Miami on Monday night, and LeBron James took advantage of Dwayne Wade’s absence. James made an immediate impact on the first half of the game, scoring 32 points without missing a single 3-pointer. Everyone knew James would come out in the third quarter looking to keep his hot hand, but not many expected to see a franchise record and personal best 25 points in the third, which would help him climb to another franchise record and personal best 61 points in a game. Coach Spoelstra tried to take LeBron out with 3 minutes left in the game, but LeBron responded, saying, “I’m good. They just put Al (Jefferson) back in the game.” Spoelstra obliged, and LeBron gave the crowd what they wanted – another bucket and 2 more free throws to give the Bobcats their second game of the season allowing a player to score 60+ points.

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