Stop Cancelling My Programs










I really do not want to spend a blog post complaining about television, but I have a point to make. I do not watch a lot of television, but I do have some shows I watch sometimes. In the last few years, there have been a few shows that I have become fond of and have caught my interest, perhaps more than others. But I was surprised when they were cancelled. At first I was annoyed, but then it got me thinking.

Both of these shows were on popular networks. So I want to know why some programs are being cancelled and other are not. Who makes these decisions? What factors play into these decisions? Are the decision makers looking for certain statistics to determine whether a show is worth keeping? How high do the ratings have to be for a show to be renewed? I think that all these factors play a part in the decision.  The individuals who make these decisions have to consider the network and what is profitable. But canceling shows I find interesting still annoys me. It is as though they do not even listen to the fans and what they want.

My annoyance comes mostly from the fact that both shows were dropped right after big cliff hangers. Show the fans some courtesy and provide us with some closure. And what about the cast and crew of the show? Is it just as abrupt for them? Take Jay Leno for example. He was the host of the Tonight Show for twenty-two years. If any of you watched his final show, or watched a clip of his last words, you know that the Tonight Show was his life, his family and his joy. How did he feel when he found out his show was cancelled? Probably more than annoyed.

When I put things into perspective, being annoyed by a TV program being cancelled is no big deal. The time comes when everything must come to an end. It might be before you expect it, or you might see
the writing on the wall. Good things come from change. In Jay Leno’s case, he gets to spend his new found time discovering new passions, and I free up some time to discover new TV shows to watch.

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