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Of course a blogger for the student newspaper would promote blogging. But to be honest, I was not always excited about blogging. For years, my mom tried to get me to keep a journal, but I was not interested. It seemed childish to me to write down my thoughts and what I did every day. It was not until I studied abroad when I took up blogging. Again my mom suggested blogging, for multiple reasons. I could remember and keep track of all my memories. My parents would know that I was alive and doing things with my time. Family and friends could follow me along on my journey. I thought about it, and I decided to blog. I was not completely keen at first, but I decided to give it a go.

I created a simple website and got it up and running. Not too hard. From there, my parents were sharing the web address with their friends. Once I got to Australia that is when all the blogging began. Everyone at home loved my posts about Uni, my travels and how my experience was going, overall. In fact, I even influenced a few of my peers to blog, as well. It was not until I got into the groove of  blogging that I started to enjoy it. Once my trip abroad was complete that was the end of that blog.

However, my blogging continues. Obviously I blog for The Vidette twice a week. I have enjoyed that a lot as I have enjoyed the challenge of blogging about multiple topics at one time. It really gets the creative juices flowing. Not only that, but I have also helped others compile their own blogs through my knowledge of blogging. Again, nothing too sophisticated, but nonetheless fun to be a part of. What is next for me? There is a good chance I will make a new blog site devoted to my time interning this summer, especially if I am in another city other than Blo-no. Finger crossed!

Why do I write about blogging? Well, it is because that I think that blogging is something that anyone could and should do. It does not matter if you cannot write well. Blogging is for you and those around you who you know or share your similar interests. I am in an IT class right now and my professor keeps talking about how technology and computers are only going to become more and more prevalent in the future. And I know he is right. So I propose this. Embrace technology and blog. Everyone has something to say. You do not have to share it with anybody necessarily. A blog could be private and people do not have to comment. Blogging allows all of us the opportunity to be creative and practice writing skills, which we all could work on. It does not matter what you write about. Just write for you!

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