Why it’s OK to stick around for spring break


Spring Break is a time to get away. You should be catching a flight to Cancun or taking a road trip to Panama City to hit up the all day parties on the beach. Or so says the media. We have been told for years to romanticize what Spring Break really is. Thanks a lot, MTV.

Escaping to some luxury destination is not a realistic plan for the majority of campus. In fact, many students choose not to stray far away from home at all. Boring, right? Wrong!

Contrary to popular belief, there are worthwhile activities and destinations right here in the Midwest that won’t require too much traveling or empty your bank account over Spring Break.

The possibilities are endless if you really start looking. Whether you’re adventurous or laid back, the Midwest has something for you.

If the snow ever subsides and the weather starts to warm-up, a scenic and free option is spending the day hiking at a local state park. Moraine View State Park is located in Leroy, only half an hour away from Normal.

Starved Rock State Park, located in Utica is also a very popular choice for nature lovers. The drive alone is a preview of how beautiful a hike through the park will be. Waterfalls, tall trees and streams will surround you and it may be advantageous to keep an eye toward the sky. Eagles have been spotted flying through the trees during these cold winter months.

But if outdoor adventures are not foreseen in your Spring Break agenda, there are plenty of other alternatives. Laugh Comedy Club may be exactly what is needed after a long week of midterms.

Samantha Flory/Photographer Laugh Comedy Club is a low-key place to blow off steam after midterms.

Samantha Flory/Photographer
Laugh Comedy Club is a low-key place to blow off steam after midterms.

Located at 108 E. Market St. in Bloomington, Laugh Comedy Club is known to not only get a chuckle from the audience, but also serve great food and drinks. Chad Daniels, a comedian previously seen on Comedy Central and Conan, is scheduled to perform his stand-up routine the first weekend of Spring Break.

However, if laughing off the stress is not your style, maybe some retail therapy can do the trick. There are malls located all over the state, but you might want to check out Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Once warmer temperatures creep up, this option is great for those who love to shop and sightsee. Not only is Michigan Avenue stuffed with stores, it also gives viewers a gorgeous view of unique, “only-in-Chicago” architecture.

While in the city, it may be wise to add a trip to Navy Pier to your Spring Break list. After all, admission is free, and you will find numerous crowd-pleasing entertainment groups, restaurants, novelty stores, theaters and even a giant Ferris Wheel.

The Pier Park is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday and Sunday afternoon with an Irish pipe and drum band, so make sure to wear green.

So don’t worry about what Carson Daly told you in 2003. An empty wallet and a long road trip to the beach are not the only ways to enjoy Spring Break this year.

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  1. Vidette Alumnus

    What’s up with the quality of articles on the Vidette these days? I like visiting the web site to see what is going on with students at the best job on campus, but it really saddens me to see articles like this that contain no quotes and provide no new information for anyone who has lived in Illinois or an outlying state for more than a year. If this is a reflection of what they’re teaching in journalism classes as ISU these days then I am worried about the next generation of graduates. This article isn’t even factually correct — it’s never a good idea to go to Navy Pier. Everyone in Illinois over the age of 16 knows that.


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