Faces of the gubernatorial race

The Illinois primary election will take place March 18. Here’s a look at the Republican candidates for governor. Incumbent Pat Quinn will be running for re-election as the Democrat candidate.


Bill Brady

• Member of Illinois Senate, representing 44th Legislative District since 2002 • Represented 88th District in Illinois House of Representatives from 1993-2000

• Bloomington native

• Was candidate in 2010 elections

• Running mate is Illinois Politician Maria Rodriguez Brady’s campaign has made proposals to eliminate the state board of education to allow for decisions to be made locally. Brady voted against same-sex marriage legislation late last year. He supports reform of Illinois Tax Code, reform in the Illinois workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance systems, plans to make the budget process transparent. He wants to curb spending programs and expansion, as well as prioritize current state spending.



Kirk Dillard

• Representing Illinois Senate since 1994 for the 24th district

• Member of American Legislative Exchange Council

• Former Chairman of DuPage County Republican Party

• Ran in the 2010 GOP nomination and lost by 193 votes to Brady

• Running with Jil Tracy, member of Illinois House of Representaives in the 93rd district Kirk Dillard During his Republican candidacy for governor, he has expressed interest in the education system being seamless from early childhood through college by preparing children “for the jobs of tomorrow.” He voted against same sex-marriage, and has expressed concern regarding high capacity weapons as it relates to public safety.



Bruce Rauner

• Chairman of R8 Capital Partners

• Graduate from Dartmouth College and Harvard

• Former chairman of private equity firm GTCR

• Running with Evelyn Sanguinetti, Wheaton councilman. Bruce Rauner He urges more charter schools and vouchers to help underprivileged children attend private schools. He would like to see educators run their own schools and let families choose schools that best fit their children. Rauner wants balance between public safety and constitutional rights. He has shown support in weapons. Job creation would be a top priority if elected, as well as lowering the cost of business in Illinois. In order to make spending more accountable, he wants to carefully audit.



Dan Rutherford

• Illinois Treasurer

• Represented 53rd district in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1993-2003

• Served as member of Illinois Senate from 2003-2011

• Resides in Chenoa

• Running mate is attorney Steve Kim Dan Rutherford Rutherford’s campaign highlights his views on early childhood education as a “business investment” and supports an increase in funding. He also said that he backs high-capacity weapons if owners pass background checks and are trained to use the weapon. Rutherford has publicly acknowledged the recent sexual assault claims made against him. A former employee filed a federal lawsuit against Rutherford for forcing him to work on campaign time and sexual harassment. “Nothing like that has ever occurred,” he denied.

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