Goodbye for now










This past Wednesday was the last time I’ll cheer with my three best friends in Redbird Arena.  The night was bitter sweet.  Two of them, Courtney and Paige, are graduating in May and the other, Nicki, isn’t returning for her senior year.  But, this isn’t my last game with them.  The men’s basketball team will be traveling to St. Louis where they will play in the Missouri Valley Conference.  My team, including my best friends, and I will be traveling with them to back the Birds.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Traveling with the team is an amazing opportunity that only occurs a couple times a year.  Cheering in Redbird Arena is a great experience, but cheering in the Scottrade Center is unbelievable. The place packs fans like crazy and having that kind of audience is something every cheerleader should experience. Another great part about traveling to St. Louis that in our off time we get to explore the city. My hometown is 45 minutes from St. Louis so I consider it my city.  It blows my mind when some of my team members haven’t been to St. Louis but I was that way with Chicago until last year.  In past years, we’ve been able to travel up into the Arch and visit the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park.  Another treat is that since I live relatively close to the city my family is able to come to the games.

I’m excited to travel but I’m also dreading it.  This will be the last time with the friends I’ve had since my freshman year.  Next year will be different without them.

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