HBO series ‘True Detective’ proves to be a true hit

It was recently suggested to me that I sit down and watch HBO’s newest show “True Detective.”

I knew very little about the latest cop drama that everyone was raving about, but being a fan of almost everything else on HBO, I decided to give it a try.

And with the recent buzz surrounding the famous Matthew McConaughey, I thought I might as well perpetuate his presence in my TV-watching life.

About a half hour into the pilot episode, I quickly realized that I had made the right decision and “True Detective” was going to be my new obsession.

Warning: If you sit down to watch this show, be prepared to spend the whole day in front of your laptop or TV.  You will become addicted and you will feel the need to watch it all in one sitting. It’s that good.

MCT Photo Harrelson (left) and McConaughey (right) star as two Louisiana homicide detectives in HBO’s “True Detective.”

MCT Photo
Harrelson (left) and McConaughey (right) star as two Louisiana homicide detectives in HBO’s “True Detective.”

Woody Harrelson and McConaughey not only star in the show, but also helped produce it. “True Detective” follows the two homicide detectives, Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Harrelson) as they work for the Louisiana State Police to solve a series of cases.

The show is reminiscent of crime shows like “CSI” and “Criminal Minds,” but it is so much more than that.

Both Harrelson and McConaughey provide excellent performances, their characters both captivating in their own, unique way.

The cases they work on cover a wide variety of illegalities and criminal behavior.

What makes the show especially intriguing is that about half of each episode is a flashback, forcing the audience to be drawn in and really get to know the history of each character.

It starts off as somewhat of a guessing game, as you begin to question the actual role and motivation of each character.

From the very beginning, you’ll find your brain swamped with a number of questions regarding each case, and the only way to find out is to keep watching.

“True Detective” has a really great, disturbing feel as it unfolds.

This is not a drama for someone who does not take pleasure in violent plots or hard-to-stomach storylines. A number of the cases that are represented throughout the entire first season are twisted, creepy and downright hard to believe.

But the show has a really unique and intricate way of presenting each episode to its audience — a way that makes it impossible to look away.

For me, watching “True Detective” was a full-on experience. Emotionally, it took a lot out of me.

That being said, experiencing the first season is completely worth your time.

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