Non-Traditionally Yours: In Regards To My 20-Year-Old Self

As I get older, there are so many things that I wish I could say to myself. There is something so finite about life at that young of an age. It feels as if you are god-like. As a young adult, I still had the mentality that I was “immortal”. I was too young to die and I had a lot of living to do. Death just was not in the equation, nor was failure or any of those issues that troubled others. Them, not me.

That was almost a decade ago. What lay herein are a few things I wish I could have said to myself what seems like just days ago:

  • You are not the center of the universe. Treat others more like you want to be treated.
  • Like it or not, one day you will no longer be here. Live a life that is full of memories that will enhance your experience.
  • (Using common colloquialisms of the time) Do not let them haters get at ya. Just brush yo shoulder off.
  • Enjoy your family. You will miss them when they are gone.
  • Despite what you think, you are NOT, in fact, the smartest person in the world. Adjust life accordingly.
  • Pay attention to what you say and do around your sibling. They model what you do, even if you do not take notice.
  • Get out more! Life will soon be underway. Make sure to take some time from the rat race of life to stroll around a bit.
  • Try not to be so angry at everyone. Let your 27-year-old self do that for you and with good reason.
  • Your mother is the smartest person on earth. Adjust life accordingly.
  • Read more. It will unlock more doors in your mind than any key gathered from a television program.
  • People are like food. Some are sweet, some are sour. You have a sweet tooth. Get rid of the sour.
  • Never be afraid to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to those whom you care about most. They will respect you more as long as you can give good reason.
  • Finally, just be you.

I suppose it is seven years too late but some of these are still very relevant. I hope I can take my own advice.


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