Does It Really Matter Where You Shop?










As a marketing student at ISU, I am required to dress business casual for all my upper level marketing classes. Some professors are not too strict on this rule. You can see marketing students wearing a variety of outfits. Speaking mainly about the girls, you can see them sporting all the major trends. I like being as trendy as the next fashionista, but it is important to keep in mind that the dress code is business casual. But what is business casual for twenty year old girls? We do not want to look more mature than we really are. It is hard to find a balance between dressing professional and dressing our age. Plus assembling a wardrobe on its own can be hard. With all that in mind, does it matter where we shop for our business casual clothes? Can we just wear whatever is in style now, or should we only shop at places deemed “professional attire” stores? Can we find a balance? I think we can.

To start, buy the basics.  Everyone needs a suit or two. But I was talking about business casual specifically. Again, buy the basics, the classics, the pieces that will never go out of style (we hope). Black pants, your basic jacket and/or cardigan and dark colored flats and pumps will do. I like wedges personally. Incorporate dresses and skirts if you like those pieces. You can incorporate other versatile, colored pieces into your wardrobe, as well. Once you have the basics, then this is when you can get “trendy.” Find tops and accessories that show your personal style. See what I mean? Ladies, we can still dress young and trendy without having to wear leggings to class.

Ultimately, it is all about feeling confident and looking the part. Until we are used to dressing in business casual, we are not going to feel comfortable. Investing in the right clothes now and learning how to piece together a wardrobe is so important, especially if you want to go into business, whether you are male or female. We definitely live in a casual world as college students, sporting our yoga pants, t-shirts, basketball shorts and sweatpants. It is just a matter of breaking away from our comfort zone of casual wear and dressing for the occasion.

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