Sandage clutches sherrif primary with ease

Jon Sandage won the primary election for McLean County Sheriff over his opponent Jeff Elston by nearly 12 percent of the vote.

This means Sandage is likely to become the next Sheriff of McLean County, as he will be the only candidate on the ballot for the general election in November.

Sandage is a 22-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and boasts many awards, such as the Illinois State Police Academy’s Supervisors Award for outstanding performance, dedication, and achievement, McLean County M.A.D.D.’s Hero of the Highway award and 8 Departmental commendations – just to list some.

Sandage currently serves on the boards of the McLean County Crime Detection Network and the Child Protection Network. He has four children with his wife Teri and all of the family members are Illinois State University sports fans.

As one of his goals for the role, Sandage wants to find social service alternatives to incarceration. He hopes to keep the jail population manageable and safe for corrections officers and inmates.

Another one of Sandage’s goals is to increase drug enforcement efforts, especially to combat the increase of prescription drug and heroin abuse.

Sandage also wants to make the McLean County Sheriff’s Office a leader in police technology by finding ways to increase the Office’s efficiency through technological means.

Sandage’s final goal is to expand the county’s school resource officer program by working with the rural school districts. He wants to ensure the safety of children at school so they can receive a beneficial education.


Photo courtesy of Jon Sandage and WJBC

Photo courtesy of Jon Sandage and WJBC

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