Seven Deady Sins you’re definitely committing in college

The Seven Deadly Sins can be applied to most situations in life, and college is no exception. Chances are, you will find yourself admitting to at least a few of the sins below, and that’s OK. A little reality check never killed anyone. 

Jake Johnson/Photographer Pizza and beer, the staples of a college student's diet, may fall under the category of sloth, if consumed in excess.

Jake Johnson/Photographer
Pizza and beer, the staples of a college student’s diet, may fall under the category of sloth, if consumed in excess.

1. Sloth: Though we usually begin each semester with high hopes and motivation, it’s hard to think of anything but watching TV come midterms week. We put off homework, job searching and cleaning our dorms and apartments. Who needs legs when the pizza delivery guy has a perfectly good pair of his own to bring food to your door?

2. Lust: Arriving at college freshman year is a total hormone overload. Suddenly, before your very eyes, is a sea of sexiness waiting to be explored. No more curfews, no more strict parents. Instead, you have the right and ability to explore everything you thought was only a myth of the interweb back in high school.  Time to check out the G Spot.

3. Gluttony: Cheap pizza, cheap beer and ramen noodles are the three main food groups of most college students. One might even argue that you’re not doing it right if you can’t look back and remember weekends spent crushing six packs and eating four or five deliciously greasy slices in a row.

4. Greed: We want it all while we’re in college. Instead of thinking about school as a time for exploration and personal growth, we expect it to provide us with everything we’ll ever need post-graduation. Whether we’re hoping to leave with the perfect job or an ideal life partner, we’re spending more time in college worrying about what we “deserve” for coming here, rather than enjoying and learning from the ride.

5. Wrath: The world knows no wrath like that of a stressed out college student who finds out they got an 89.9 percent on their final paper after giving up a night out with friends to pull an all-nighter. Keeping your emotions in check while in school can be difficult, especially while navigating so many changes and responsibilities at once.

6 Envy: There are certain things it is especially easy to feel jealous of in college. Friends with better grades, for example, or the people who live next door whose lives seem like an endless, incredible party. We look on Facebook and see friends from other colleges who appear to be having more fun than we are at our school. Just remember kids, the Quad is not always greener on the other side.

7. Pride: Who among us hasn’t been irritated by the Facebook statuses that have come to characterize the day that grades go up? Maybe you’re thinking about letting the world know how you faired this semester with any variation of these: “STRAIGHT A’s!!!!!,” “3.76 this semester … Not too shabby for a working college girl! HOLLA!” or “3 B’s 2 C’s #didmybest #blessed.” Save us all the eyesore, and text your mom instead.

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