Spring break blues: Get your head back in the game


Getting back from any break can be a bit difficult. I didn’t travel anywhere for Spring Break and I’m still having a hard time getting back to my normal routine. It takes me the longest time to get out of bed in the morning and I feel like my homework assignments are never going to end.

I know many of us are dealing with this right now, so here are a few tips that have helped me in the past to get through these last two months of school productively and successfully.

The first thing to remember is organizing your schedule and to follow it. I have noticed when I write everything down, I am more motivated to finish my assignments because I see it all right in front of me.  I can then check each task off and know I am not falling behind.  Sometimes having all your daily tasks in your head can make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, which is why I do not suggest doing that.

As I said, it is hard getting out of bed in the morning after having a full week of sleeping in without anything to do for the rest of the day. What I do when I have this problem is try to put on some good music and then go make a delicious and plentiful breakfast (with some coffee, of course) to get me up and excited for the rest of the day.

It’s also important to try and work out as much as possible. Working out can be beneficial because it gives you energy throughout the day and has you feeling healthy and in shape. I know I can definitely get better at trying to fit a good workout into my schedule, but I have noticed that whenever I can get to the Rec, I feel 100 times better than if I had not worked out.

Partying every day of the week may sound like the best college experience one could ever have. I am sure many of us went out almost every day of the week over break and are having trouble adjusting back to the academic schedules.

However, limiting the amount of days you go out during the week can be helpful because it keeps you focused on your schoolwork, but then you also have something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Another tip, I know I have forgotten some material that I learned before break. So, I have been trying to go over my notes to help me remember the content we had been discussing in all my classes.  By doing this, I am able to refresh my memory and not go into class without much knowledge of where we are at in the course.

Lastly, procrastination has affected many college students.  I know I have had this problem my entire college career, but whenever I get back from break the problem worsens.  I have not been keeping up with my assignments these past couple days and leave it all until the last minute.

Conquering this problem can be difficult, but it can be done.  As I mentioned earlier, create a schedule. This can help tremendously and not leave you falling behind.  It’s also good to work with other students from your classes because it gets you motivated to actually do the work once you see someone else doing it. Sometimes group work is not helpful because many of us tend to just talk about something irrelevant to the assignment.  But, it can work if each person in the group is willing to stay focused for at least one hour and get the assignment done effectively.

Hopefully these tips help you all that are having a hard time getting back in the school game.  The semester will be over in two months so just get through it, do well and the reward will be no less than satisfactory.

Christina Danno is a senior English studies and philosophy major as well as a copy editor and columnist for The Vidette. Questions or comments can be sent to:



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