City bike plan

A bike plan for the City of Bloomington is currently in the works, which could include a few different ways to make streets safer for bikers.

New trails, 10-foot-wide sidepaths and labeled on-street bikes lanes are up for discussion as of now.

The plan is also looking at painting a stripe down the side of roads that are often used by motorists. Since they do not currently have much street parking, this would benefit them by giving them the side of the road for a shared bike-parking lane.

Ed Barsotti, League of Illinois Bicyclists executive director, led a meeting open to the public Tuesday with about 80 people in attendance to talk about the city’s potential bike plan.

Those who went to the meeting listed areas around Bloomington in which could use improvements to make bicycling less dangerous and easier around the city.

Methods of communication on the issue included surveys and an online public discussion forum at

The City Council could be voting on this issue by November of this year. If passed, the plan will be soon underway to being more accommodating to bicyclists.

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