Board of Trustees to discuss administrative matters Saturday


The Illinois State University Board of Trustees will meet in a special session on Saturday morning to review personnel administrative matters.

President Flanagan has been under some scrutiny since former grounds superintendent, R. Patrick Murphy, accused Flanagan of making physical contact during a Dec. 5 incident at the president’s residence.

The meeting will begin as an open session in the Bone Student Center at 11 a.m. before proceeding into a closed session. The Board of Trustees will then reconvene into a public session before adjourning.

“I just know we will be taking about administrative matters,” Chief of Staff Jay Groves said.

No comment could be made to whether Flanagan will be asked to attend the session or other university staff or any administrative action will be taken.

The ISU police received the complaint on Feb. 28 from Murphy. The complaint detailed a confrontation which was said to take place in the front yard of Flanagan’s university-owned residence.  Murphy was an employee of the university for nearly seven months before he was fired five days after the incident.

In the complaint, Murphy accused Flanagan of striking his torso in an altercation and yelling several obscenities. Flanagan’s lawyer, Stephanie Wong, in a statement issued days after the complaint was filed stating Flanagan has not engaged in any criminal conduct.

Currently, an investigation is continuing by the ISU Police Department. McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers will ask a special prosecutor to review the report and determine if criminal charges are warranted.

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