Just When You Think It’s Over










During break I thought I’d experience my last Redbird basketball game for the year.  I had prepared myself mentally for the free time I was about to gain. Little did I know that the Birds would continue their season in the College Basketball Invitational.  I couldn’t be more excited.  For these games, I intend on being like the regular college students and being a fan in the student section.  I decided to not cheer these last games to give some of the underclassmen the chance to experience some men’s games.  Throughout the season, each member of the cheer team is assigned games in their specific group.  Being the only junior on co-ed, I get the opportunity to cheer almost every major men’s game.  So, I took this chance to experience the games from the stands.  When I went to the game Wednesday night it was a totally different experience.  It was kind of like when I was injured during football season and I had to sit out and watch but a little different.  I enjoyed seeing the full court view from the student section and participating with my peers.  I hope that more students come to the game on Monday for the match up against Texas A&M.  Open gyms are taking the place of real practices, which I’m enjoying.  These open gyms are a little more laid back and allow for new things to be tried. The stunts get more creative and difficult and it allows for the girls and guys to get ready for tryouts in April. 

I’m hoping the Redbirds keep up their hard work so I don’t have to turn my uniform in yet. Part of me is ready for a fresh start but there is something exciting about post-season games has me holding onto my Redbird game face.

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