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Waking up and getting out of bed in the morning can be a dreadful experience if not done strategically.  Strategizing the “wake up” is an art form that plays a major role in how our days unfold.  Successfully waking up and being able to energize yourself in preparation for the day’s challenges will put you in the prime position of completing all tasks at an optimum level. For those who fail to do so, the first step out of bed will feel like stepping directly into a patch of quicksand that will slowly drag you into the depths of caffeine binging and crashing, mood swings for the worse and facial and body expressions that have a striking resemblance to the zombies moseying around on the television show The Walking Dead whose name seems to perfectly categorize those who fail to strategize their wake ups.                                                       

So, what do I mean by strategizing a wake up? Are you preparing for a battle or competition of some sort? Well, in a way that is exactly what you are doing.  Who or what are you going to battle against? There are several opposing forces that seem compelled to halt any attempts of waking up gracefully.  Target enemy number one: the bed.  Shocking, isn’t it?  You probably thought your bed was your most trusted ally, the one who granted you dreams and comfort in the depths of your sleep.  Yes, this is correct, but the bed has ulterior motives; it is a selfish and seductive contraption whose aim is to perpetually hoard you from the world with little to no regret.  The first tip while waking up in the morning is to acknowledge that in some sense you are sleeping with the enemy.  This is not to say that you should chuck your mattress out the window of your third story apartment though, you can still strategically sleep with the enemy as long as you remain in control!                                                                                               

The second tip to waking up is to clear that mental fog that seems to cloud our judgment and instill thought instigators that work to keep us in a half-dazed, lethargic state of drowsiness.  I tend to ignore all thoughts for the first few minutes of waking up; they are useless chatter about how my bed is right in wanting me to stay in its warm cocoon for a little longer.  I have found that the most effective way to clear this fog is through hydration.  For the past 5-8 hours of sleep we are essentially dehydrating ourselves by consuming zero water intake, so by rehydrating immediately upon wakening, the cloudy morning fog begins to gradually diminish.             

One final tip for waking up is to not bombard yourself immediately with all that needs to get done during the day; take it slowly.  Imagine the waking up process like the conduction of an orchestra; the aim is not to signal all the sections of the band to play at once, but rather, start slowly by signaling the winds, then lead to the horns and progress up to the drums.  By strategizing the waking up process, the day gets started on the right note which leads to a more positive and productive day!

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