Missing Things When They Are Gone










I do not know if I am the only one who noticed this, but the bell tower on campus has not ringing every hour like it used to. In fact, it has not rang at all or played the school or fight songs. I am not even sure where the bell tower is located on campus. Does anyone know? I was in my apartment the day it stopped working and heard something that was unusual, which caught my attention. I was not sure what was happening to the bell tower, but I knew something was not right. It stopped working altogether. But I must say, It has been pleasant not to hear the clock ring every hour, day and night. The clock ringing every hour is a part of life here at ISU, if you live on campus. In fact, I got used to it for the most part, except while sleeping! Now, I have gotten used to the clock tower not ringing. But at the same time, I still miss it. I have mixed feelings on the topic.

This example plays on a bigger idea that we get used to things while we have them, and then when they are gone, we miss them. There are plenty times where I have felt this way, when I got used to something and then everything changed. How about when I came home from Australia? Of course I experienced some differences leaving the Australian culture and returning to America. There were a lot of things that I did not realize I would miss until they were gone. This happens here at ISU and in everyday life. Every semester is different and things in life are always changing. Sometimes there will be enough of a change that it is noticeable to some.

Missing things or change can make us appreciate what we used to have. Sometimes the things we miss will come back to us. The clock tower will ring again, and I am sure I will be happy to hear it. Maybe just not at 3 in the morning!

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