5 ways to make it through the rest of the semester

1) Make a Calendar

With less than two months remaining in the semester, it’s easy to get lost in upcoming tests, projects and presentations. In order to be prepared for what’s to come, map out the rest of your semester on an easy-to-read calendar. Having a visual representation of the end of the school year will allow you to organize your classes in the best way possible.

2) Have Some Fun


MCT Photo

MCT Photo

The rest of the semester doesn’t have to revolve solely around academics. In fact, the end of spring semester is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of fun activities, such as attending women’s tennis games or enjoying time on the Quad. Balancing schoolwork with extracurricular activities will allow you to remain sane throughout the last few months.

3) Go to Class

Whatever you do, make sure you are going to class. I know, I know, the temptation to skip a few classes here and there is real, but missing out on class time is not worth it in the long run. Continuing your attendance will actually make the semester go by faster, because you won’t prolong it by playing hooky.

4) Don’t Procrastinate

The idea of procrastinating becomes more appealing as the semester winds down and the weather begins to warm up. However, staying on top of everything you have to do in the last few months of the school year will make it a lot more enjoyable. Look at it this way: Get your work done now so that you can participate in end of the year cookouts, parties and concerts.

5) Reward Yourself

Making the rest of your semester go by smoothly won’t be possible without rewarding yourself along the way. Set up your own system of rewards, and gift yourself with a night out every time you accomplish something significant. Before you know it, your reward will be summer vacation.

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