Radio station tortures San Francisco by playing Nelly’s ” Hot in Herre” for 3 days straight

In 2002, St. Louis rapper Nelly released his masterpiece: “Hot in Herre” [sic], a song People magazine once called “the perfect summer jam.”

At around 3 p.m. Friday, March 14, a Univision-owned radio station from San Francisco called Latino Mix 105.7 started playing Nelly’s masterwork … and did not stop until Monday evening, March 17, shortly after 5 p.m.  “Hot in Herre” was on repeat for 3 days straight.

The radio stunt gained a significant amount of coverage from ABC News and Entertainment Weekly, and inspired the hashtag #Nelly1057. Even Nelly enthusiastically tweeted about the “Hot in Herre” marathon.

Though this recent Nelly endurance test garnered a significant amount of press, “Hot in Herre” is not the first song to be torturously played by a station on repeat. In late July, Toronto station Indie88 played Rick Astley’s much-adored 80’s classic “Never Gonna Give You up” for a whole week.

“Even though it is over, our hearts shall go on,” said the NBC-affiliated TV station in St. Louis, as the “Hot in Herre” marathon came to an end.

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