The top 5: Pranks of all time


#1 Left-handed burgers

In 1998 Burger King ran an advertisement in USA Today promoting a Whopper specially designed for left-handed people. The ad claimed the burgers condiments would drip from the right side of the burger. Not only did customers request the left-handed burger, but some requested the “old” right-handed one.

#2 Nixon runs for President

In 1992 National Public Radio (NPR) announced Richard Nixon, who was the only U.S. president to resign from office in 1974, was running for presidency again. NPR took clips of Nixon’s old candidacy speeches and even gave him a “new” slogan. The prank caused so much backlash from listeners that NPR gave up the joke after mere minutes.

#3 Used Nylons

In 1962 a state-run television station, Swedish TV, was still only broadcasting in black and white. The station brought on a “technical expert” to describe to viewers a simple solution to making their televisions color. The “expert” told viewers to place an old Nylon stocking over their hardware and to move their heads side-to-side to align the color spectrum. Many tried, and failed.

#4 What is the deal with pi

In 2008 an executive with Microsoft posted on his personal blog an “updated value for pi.” The prank claimed Microsoft Research had determined the true value of pi was 3.141999, or as the executive put it, “Three easy payments of 1.04733.”

#5 Taco liberty bell

In 1996 the Taco Bell Corp. announced it had purchased the Liberty Bell and was renaming its franchise “Taco Liberty Bell.” The announcement caused citizens to begin calling the National Historic Park in Philadelphia to protest the name-change. Hours later, Taco Bell confessed it was all a hoax.

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