You might walk outside and think, “Wow, this spring sure has been a cold winter.” But the dust bunnies on your windowsills will reassure you spring is here, and it’s time for cleaning.

Mop or Swiffer WetJet your kitchen floor

Most people remember to sweep every so often, but you may have been neglecting that sticky spill under the cabinets for too long. Grab a bucket of soapy water, or purchase a Swiffer WetJet ($21.99, lasts for years) and clear out the kitchen floor stains..

Vacuum your vents and carpets

For whatever reason, college students have the hardest time remembering how important vacuuming is. During the winter you’ve tracked dirt and grime into the carpets, it’s traveled to the corners of your bedroom or hid under your couches. The heat has been on all winter and has sucked dust into the vent openings. Take ten minutes to vacuum each room in your house and clear out the vents.

Organize the junk drawer

Everyone has that one drawer full of unnecessary random objects that you refuse to throw away even though they serve no meaningful purpose. Whether it’s in your kitchen or bedroom, open it up and purge. Throw away everything you’ve never used or have only used once. If it’s a useful item in good condition, send it to Goodwill or a charitable organization. If it’s a thank you gift from your boyfriend’s sister’s baby shower that you accidently broke but feel bad throwing away, toss it.

Clean your bathroom from top to bottom

I’ve always been a firm believer that this should happen at least every other week, but my roommates would also say I’m a neat freak. Use anti-bacterial wipes or cleaning solution to remove built up germs from your shower, countertop, mirror, door handles and towel racks. Grab some Clorox and clean your toilet; it only takes two minutes.

Dust your windowsills and spray down your windows

You’ve probably only opened your windows a few times during this frigid winter, if at all, and dust has built up. Unless it’s cleaned out before spring really hits, it’s going to travel into your house or apartment along with the warm breeze we’re all anticipating. Dust off the sills, the pane and the screen. Wiping down your blinds would be smart too. Take a few squirts of Windex to the glass to fully enjoy the sunshine as the
days get longer.

Do a clean sweep of your refrigerator

Believe it or not, your refrigerator can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis. Take out all the food you’ve stored in the fridge and freezer, then decipher which items are expired and can be thrown away and which are still safe to eat. Before reloading, take out each shelf and drawer and clean them with hot water and soap. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls and door with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution.


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