Four injured in drunk driving incident


A Bloomington woman is being charged with aggravated DUI after a two-car accident that left four injured Saturday.

The crashed occurred around 2 a.m. near Main and Empire Street.

The Pantagraph reported Jamie Webb, 37, was driving down Empire Street when she ran a red light going an estimated 45 to 60 mph and hit another vehicle.

The four injured were immediately hospitalized. Michael Collins,  senior exercise science major at ISU, suffered critical injuries and underwent immediate brain surgery, according to the Pantagraph.

Tawni Ricketts, senior public relations major and sports editor at The Vidette, has a fractured lower back, fractured pelvis and fractured pubic bone, and doctors are currently debating surgery, but remain optimistic.

The two other female passengers were not named and injuries have not been released.

After a blood and urine test, the Pantagraph revealed Webb had a blood alcohol level of 0.156 percent, which is almost twice the legal drinking limit of 0.08 percent. Webb was driving from a bar around 1:50 a.m. with passenger Orlando Jones.

The Pantagraph reported that Webb did not remember getting in the vehicle or driving at all.

WJBC reports that police shut down the intersection for several hours for investigation and clean up.

Collins, Ricketts and the two others had attended the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) formal earlier that night, and were getting a ride home from downtown, PRSSA President Hailey Lanier said.

“I hope this could be a lesson to people to not drink and drive ever,” Lanier said.

Webb is currently being held in the McLean County Jail in lieu of posting $50,025.

Ricketts posted on her Facebook page that she is blessed to be on her way to doing well and asked everyone to keep Collins in their prayers.

“Everyone has asked how they can help me, and my answer is this: promise to me, your family and yourself that you will NEVER drink and drive,” Ricketts said.

Bloomington Police Department dispatch said they could not release any further information at this time and to refer all questions to the Bloomington Public Affairs Officer.

5 Responses

  1. Underwhelming journalism

    Kudos to the Pantagraph for getting that information….

    I hope Michael and Tawni will be OK as well as anyone else who was injured or effected.

  2. Gary

    What time did the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) formal end, why were they driving around at 2am? Were they also drinking? In that area, at that time , there are a lot of drunk people driving and walking around.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see….going home at 2 am from downtown. That’s when clubs/bars stop things down there. Being that there was probably a designated driver, it doesn’t matter if the passengers were even drinking. Also…there should NEVER BE A DRUNK DRIVER on the road…especially doing 1.5-2x the speed limit for downtown. Because there might be is NO JUSTIFICATION for what happened. Let me reiterate a well known slogan…. You drink, you drive, you lose. Have a nice night, Gary.

      • Gary

        Well Mr or Ms annonymous The drunks are there after 2am. Like Duh, many people know your not to drink and drive, and many people forget that too. If you are looking for justification, why don’t you talk to the bar owner that served Webb her booze and see what they have to say about it. They will tell you it’s not their responsibility and probably told Webb to drive safely when she was walking out of the bar.


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