Landing that summer internship

It’s that time year again to apply for summer internships. Here are some simple tips that may help you land your dream internship this summer.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is an important aspect that we should all know the basics of. It should include a brief introduction, overview of your experience and why you want to intern with this company. If you plan on interning in a different state, you must mention that in your cover letter. It’s important to let the employer know that you will be relocating to where this company is located and include dates. This will make sure there is no confusion between you and the employer.

The Follow Up

A huge mistake a lot of people make is never following up with companies they applied for. Although it may seem like you are bothering them, a brief follow up highlighting your interest in interning for that company shows that you are serious about the opportunity. This does not guarantee an internship, but it possibly can get you that interview.

Thank You Note

A crucial step that should never be forgotten is writing a thank you note after an interview. If possible, sending a hand written note to the employer is best. In most cases you should send a formal and polite email. The thank you note should be as personable as possible by referencing your conversation and reinforcing your interest in that company. This will show the employer that you are appreciative of their time and willing to go that extra step to impress them.

Stay Organized

Sounds simple, but if you are applying to several different internships, it’s easy to get carried away. Some good advice is to create an Excel document, which keep track of the companies you sent your resume to.  Also include the contacts information and email, the date you sent your resume and the follow up date if applicable.

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