Students to style their soles with TOMS

University Program Board is bringing students and staff a chance to support a good cause in style with the TOMS Style Your Sole decorating party.

Students and staff can pick up their purchased TOMS to decorate or bring in old ones to revamp from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow in the Circus Room.

“We will have tons of supplies to decorate with including paint, markers, stencils, ISU patches and so much more,” UPB Enrichment Chairperson Maddy Marchini said.

There will also be artists at the event to assist others in making their TOMS look amazing. After students and staff are done decorating, there will be a photo contest on Facebook. The three photos with the most likes will receive some special TOMS merchandise.

“Last year we had some extremely creative shoes. A lot with music lyrics and those are always the best,” Marchini said.

There will be a showing of a TOMS documentary explaining the mission of their One-for-One project during the event. The money spent on each pair of shoes goes toward this project by giving a child or teen in need a pair as well.

The shoes help improve aspects of the child’s life such as health, education and confidence. TOMS also helps the visually impaired for every piece of eyewear purchased, and provides someone with a week of clean water for every bag of coffee purchased.

Students had a chance to order their TOMS from February 1 to March 1 at a discounted price of $30. Faculty and staff paid $40. UPB has been able to sell around 200 pairs each year since starting the event seven years ago.

“We purchase the TOMS from the TOMS company. UPB pays $18 from each pair ordered and covers the shipping that way students can get them at a discount,” Marchini said.

UPB will bring the supplies and all students need to bring is themselves and a creative mind. Students will be able to see how their purchases have helped children across the world have a better life.

TOMS will be available in the UPB office for those who purchased them but could not make the event. For questions, contact Maddy Marchini at

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