How to prank your pals on April Fool’s Day

Do you have a friend or roommate who is always the butt of your jokes? Do you sometimes feel guilty for singling that person out? Tomorrow, you don’t have to. On April 1, all fools are fair game.

MCT Photo

MCT Photo

Give your friend a strange new nickname
This is a great prank, tested personally by yours truly. I’ve been calling my roommate “Little Grandpa” for almost two years and he has no idea why. Make sure not to do overdo it though. Begin on April Fools’ Day, and then work it into the conversation once, maybe twice a month. Rinse and repeat.

Rearrange your friend’s apartment
Does your friend have a collection of jars in her room? Slowly take those. Is there a wall in your friend’s house covered in posters? Work on removing them, one by one, and replacing them with something hilarious. Get your friend out of the house for a few hours and move all of their furniture around. Cover it in Post-its. Go hog wild. Of course, if you destroy or lose your friend’s things, you’ll ruin the fun for everyone and become the biggest fool April has ever known.

Replace their pictures with yours
This requires a little time, so it might be best to stick with your roommate’s stuff and strike while they’re at class. Proper photographs are not required. All you need to do is print out a few photos of yourself on regular paper, grab some scotch tape, stick those glamour shots to the front of the frames and let your smile do the talking.

Become your friend
Choose an outfit carefully in order to emulate your friend’s style. Work on their voice, their mannerisms and then just show up where they’re supposed to be … All day long. Get the rest of your friends in on it and have them call you by your friend’s name instead of your own. If your friend has a beard or mustache, spend some time growing one “just because” and reveal your true intentions on that bright April Fools’ Day morning. Note: If you can’t grow a beard, there isn’t anything a little spirit gum and some costume hair (which, surprisingly enough, can be purchased at the Alamo II in either blonde or brunette) can’t fix.

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