ISU Greek life banned for 2014-2015 year?


Greek life is a major part of Illinois State University’s campus.  It’s a great way to meet new people and participate in events to help the community.

Unfortunately, ISU has announced that all Greek life activities will be suspended for the 2014-15 school year due to an alcohol-related incident that recently occurred.

One fraternity, who wishes to not be mentioned in this editorial, made one of their freshman members take 22 shots of vodka as punishment for not wearing his Greek letters at least four times in one week.  The student was taken to the hospital around 4 a.m. Saturday, but is currently doing much better.

Because of this, ISU authorities felt the best way to stop incidents like this from happening again was to suspend Greek life all together. Next school year, sorority and fraternity members will have to find somewhere else to live if they were planning on living in their Greek house.  They are also forbidden to wear any clothing associated with their chapter.

“We’re really mad out about all this.  It just doesn’t make sense.  It was all for fun,” fraternity member John Jacob said about the incident.

It may not seem fair that all Greek life is suspended from campus just because of one fraternity’s poor choices. However, for ISU to keep the good reputation it currently has, this move may help all members think about the choices they could make in the future to keep our campus from falling apart.

“Honestly, I don’t get it or think it’s fair at all.  It’s not like every Greek member was at this party with this kid making him take all those shots.  I am really sad by this and have nowhere to live for next year since I was planning on living in my sorority house,” sorority member Katie Jones said.

Short term, it is unfortunate that members do not have anywhere to live next year and those wishing to rush will be shorted a year of brother and sisterhood. Not to mention the seniors. Cancelling the organizations they have been apart of for three years is devastating. They will want to spend their final year at ISU with their friends doing what they love most, but now that is all gone.

Long term, Greek life on ISU’s campus has been around since 1776 and to see a century old tradition end is disappointing.  It also raises questions on whether or not Greek life will be the same when it returns in 2016. Will taking the year off be detrimental to the prosperity of ISU Greeks? For now, only time will tell.

Alright, don’t get your panties in a wad. It’s April Fools! ISU Greeks, your tradition lives on.

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  1. Kevin Petschow

    Go Taus. Go Alpha Tau Omega. Go Greek. Go Redbirds.

    CHEERS< Kevin Petschow, ISU '81, and a member of the Theta Theta chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at ISU and former sports editor of The Vidette, 1980-1981.

  2. Katy O'Grady Pyne

    Remember the Vendetta?

    Katy O’Grady Pyne, Class of ’81, Vidette feature writer


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