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There seems to be this underlying surprise party always locked and loaded, ready for action, whenever an outcome doesn’t go as we wanted it to.  The theme of the surprise party:  pity. 

Surprise! Yes, it’s true. Sadly, not everything ends in our favor and when it doesn’t it’s easy to fall into the role of the victim and welcome the cheers and applause of that loyal pity party.  And boy oh boy does it feel spiffy to have all those guests at the party feel empathetic and console you for your dire misfortune.  Whether it be a test bombing, relationship conflict, diet catastrophe, or maybe the sun just wasn’t shinning in a particular way, whatever the reason, when things don’t go our way there is always this scapegoat available. 

(Butler enters party)

Jeffrey: “More pity, sir?”

Alex: “Oh why yes, certainly!”

I can’t count the number of times I have succumbed to the overwhelming power of a prime pity party where I ended up leaving absolutely intoxicated off pity.  The problem with this is the same problem that arises with actually getting drunk: the dreaded morning after.  Self-loathing, confusion and a feeling of trickery are commons symptoms of a pity hangover.  The feeling of trickery is the most interesting.  Whenever I attend a pity party, I strut in with the assumption that by indulging in this role of the victim, I will feel better about my misfortunes in life.  The morning after is the light that reveals the unforgiving truth: you don’t feel better.  Not only do you not feel better, but also, you’ve wasted time. 

Haven’t you read and or seen The Great Gatsby?? We can’t repeat the past, nor should we spend time trying to relive moments of pain.  All we can do is move forward and try to be better next time.  For all endeavors, whether they be school affiliated or have to do with relationship drama or personal problems, move forward not backwards.  So next time you get a text message letting you know where the hot spots are for pity parties, reply back that you’re busy moving on.

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