Top 5 mistakes made during interviews

MCT Photo

MCT Photo

Forgetting to turn off your cell phone
Nothing screams “distracted” louder than a buzzing cell phone during a professional interview. Skip the vibrate setting, and turn it all the way off. You will be surprised how much more focused you will be without the constant pull of your phone. Take the opportunity to show your employer that you are truly dedicated and interested in the position.

Not asking questions
Sometime during your interview, your future employer will ask you for questions. Keeping quiet during this section of the interview will lead your boss to assume that you’re not curious about the company. Do a lot of pre-interview research so that you arrive at your interview prepared to ask a couple questions about the position or company.

Bashing your current or previous employers
We’ve all heard the expression, “What a small world!” So don’t go bashing your ex-supervisor, because he or she could have ties to other businesses. Plus, no one wants a pessimist working for his or her company. Even if you had a horrific experience at your last job, try to focus on what you learned and what you have gained.

Talking too much
Small talk can help you make connections with employers, but remember not to go too far. Stay professional and leave out the stories about your sister’s boyfriend’s dog. Employers want to know why you’re qualified for the position, not what you ate for dinner last night.

Not researching
Before you even think about going to your interview, you must commit to learning about the inner ideals of the company. What is the company known for? What accomplishments are they proud of? What skills do you have that would contribute to the company’s ideals? Researching will help you feel more confident and will make it easier for you to understand what your future employer is looking for.

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