LeapForward updates technology

The campus wide program LEAPFoward has been holding several workshops throughout the month of March to bring ISU into contact with Campus Solutions business processes. 

The purpose for these workshops has been to talk about how these processes will help support ISU’s functional requirements. 

Workshops have been held for Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Records as of now.

Workshops for Student Accounts will start April 7. Academic advisement workshops will take place in the late summer before the fall semester begins. 

LEAPForward has also been working on a new application called Identity and Access Management (IAM).

This application currently works to take many manual steps to make an identity for either a new student or employee and to give them access to campus applications they need. The improved IAM will be the main source that will automatically generate ISU login IDs, or ULIDS and give the necessary access to users.

IAM will benefit campus users in many ways. Students and employees will be given access quickly once they are entered into the system, they will not have to sign into applications using their ULID and password as many times as they do currently and permissions will be able to be changed or removed easily and quickly when the role of a campus member changes.

LEAPForward works to provide upgraded technology systems. LEAPForward’s mission is to rework the academic architecture at ISU and to make easy access to data for any department on campus. They also aim to provide and meet all technology needs for students, staff and parents at ISU.


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