Student designs premiere in Signature fashion show



Archive Photo 2013 fashion show

Archive Photo
2013 fashion show

Every famous designer has their own signature look, something that sets them apart from the crowd. Chanel was known for her simplicity, Alexander McQueen for his artistic edginess, and Ralph Lauren for his preppy-chic style.

For 13 years, the annual Apparel Merchandising and Design Association (AMDA) Fashion Show has provided students with a way to express their creativity through the art of clothing design. At this year’s show, designers will emphasize their own unique style for the theme “Signature.”

“I wanted to choose a theme that gave the designers a lot of creative freedom to design what they wanted,” Makenzie McDowell, a senior apparel merchandising major and director of the 2014 fashion show, said.

“A lot of famous designers have their own ‘signature’ that sets them apart from all the other lines,” McDowell said. “Challenging the student designers to do the same is a good way for them to start identifying themselves and their future brands.”

Archive Photo 2013 fashion show

Archive Photo
2013 fashion show

The models and volunteers, along with designers and directors, are all ISU students. The entire show is student-run and planning begins at the start of the school year. Students work tirelessly throughout the year to raise money, spread the word, and of course, create amazing designs.

“This year we have a lot of new designers, including a few costume design graduate students. Every year the show is different because the designer’s creativity is unlimited. Each show features new looks and styles that haven’t been seen yet,” McDowell said.

Signature will offer a wide range of collections from ISU’s own talented students.

“Black n’ Bloom,” is a line designed by Shandi Green, a senior apparel design major, that focuses on black and white fabrics with colorful floral touches and abstract designs. Vasilika Mikosz, also a senior design major, got her inspiration from flight attendants and named her line “Airborn.”

Andrea Zabel, a senior majoring in apparel design and co-design director of the fashion show, created her collection with a signature texture. She calls it “A Dark Affair.”

“A Dark Affair is a combination of edgy and classy designed to make a woman feel confident and bold in what she’s wearing,” Zabel said. “The collection shows how something seemingly simple is truly unique and complex. It’s inspired by texture to represent how one simple color can be represented in many different ways.”

The AMDA Fashion Show will take place at 7 p.m. Friday in the Brown Ballroom of the Bone Student Center. Doors will open at 5:30 so guests can enjoy elegant mocktails and tasty hors d’oeuvres.

Signature tickets are $15 for students and seniors, $20 for general admission and can be purchased at the Braden Box Office in the Bone or at

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